Welcome to the webpage of  Marta Casanellas Rius

Contact address:

Dpt. Matemàtica Aplicada I


Avda. Diagonal 647

08028-Barcelona. Spain.

Tel. +34 934015887. Fax: 0034 934011713.

email address: marta.casanellasupc.edu

Actual position: "Agregate" professor at  Departament Matematica Aplicada I, Universitat Politècnica de Catalunya.

Former positions:

   Fulbright postdoc at Department of Mathematics UC Berkeley, tutor: R. Hartshorne.

    Assistant professor at the Departament d'àlgebra i geometria, Universitat de Barcelona.

    Ramón y Cajal researcher at Departament Matematica Aplicada I, Universitat Politècnica de Catalunya.

    Degree in  Mathematics, Universitat de Barcelona, 1997.

Ph. D. Thesis: Liaison theory in arbitrary codimension. Tutor: Rosa M. Miró-Roig, 2002.

Research topics:


Research papers:

    Algebraic statistics for computational biology:

    Algebraic geometry:

Recent and forthcoming conferences:

Interview in Radio Exterior de España, june 2013. Listen to it in Spanish here (from minute 11, duration:7 min approx.)

SIAM News July/August 2007 issue: "Algebraic Geometers See Ideal Approach to Biology", pdf.


SPIn: software for model selection of evolutionary models via invariants.

    GenNon-h: software for generating sequences evolving under a (discrete-time) Markov process on a tree with given branch lengths.

    EMPar: EM for parameter estimation of Markov models on trees

    GEOMAP: research group on algebraic GEOMetry and APplications.
    I am a Review Editor of Frontiers in Systems Biology.

    Comisión Mujeres y Matemáticas   


    Small trees webpage

    Seminari de geometria algebraica UB-UPC

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